Sunday Mornings

 Eucharist Praise

Sunday Mornings

9:00 a.m. Discipleship Series:

The Jewish Roots of the Gospel of Matthew

Set that alarm clock a bit earlier for Sunday. Get up, throw yourself in the shower, toss on your most comfortable workout clothes, and get your beloved self over to Resurrection at 9 A.M. starting on Sunday for a new, thrilling, challenging class: The Jewish Roots of the Gospel of Matthew.

There will be coffee, tea and juice to awaken your neurons, snacks to feed your body, and content that will make your brain and heart feel like they've just run a triathlon.

You'll be pressed, stretched, challenged, encouraged, gobsmacked, driven and filled by the Holy Spirit. Come with heart and brain ready.

It will be great, because you will be there. And so will He!

Worship with us: 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Our worship may not be what you expect. We follow an ancient Christian form, and yet we enjoy great freedom. While some of our leaders wear robes and have a procession, we also sing hymns and modern JOYFUL PRAISE songs. 

We show deep reverence, we sing and laugh and some even dance. We stand in awe of the greatness of God, and we invite the power of the Holy Spirit. We have communion every Sunday, and we pray for one another. . .

Every Sunday worship service is also followed by a potluck lunch for fellowship. 

Oh, hey, just come and experience it!